The most valued Asset in the Imaginarium Studios Portfolio of projects. Our VIP Access Card gains its holder a plethora of game changing rewards. Access Cards are capped at a 50 per chain limit with the exception of a few additional scattered as traits throughout our collections.


Mint Price: 2500 Vet


Mint Price: 1200 Hbar


Mint Price: .075 ETH


Our VIP Access cards are the first in the industry to allow holders to gain access to all project mint proceeds and monthly sales. As a company, we do not believe in driving Lambos or buying beach houses, we believe in sharing our success with our supporters.

Imaginarium Studios LLC divides its revenue’s up equally to provide our holders with 33 1/3 % of all revenues to be distributed to all VIP Access Card holders on their respective chain or graph. Additional benefits of being a pass holder include multiple free mints for the Ward, free whitelist access on all IMG projects, access to our AI Club and most importantly have the ability to unlock multipliers in our premier collections.


Our distributions are calculated based upon a Rewards Point system developed by Imaginarium Studios LLC. Every collection that is released comes with a “Reward Activator” trait. As you collect Imaginarium NFTs your points will accumulate, and your point total will dictate a percentage of the 33 1/3 % of revenues, across all of our Premier Collections. Simply put, the more points you have, the more you will receive! We created this program to encourage our supporters to hold onto their passes and revenue activated nfts, which both increases monthly rewards and brings increased “Value” to the VIP Access Cards.

If or when the time comes that you need to liquidate some of your assets, you will be able to sell your access cards at a premium and include all of your IMG Revenue NFTs as a package. By doing so, we will transfer your point total to the new owner so they can participate in the rewards share, starting the following month.

Cross Chain Revenue Share

Our Vip Cards are truly a Cross Chain experience, pulling from each-others treasury to increase rewards across all chains and graphs. 10% of each premier collection mint, from each chain or graph, is converted and distributed to all three VIP Treasurys. We not only do this to help increase totals of each treasury, but we also do this to enable a more-steady rewards system.

Numbers Below are for Examples Only:

Access card holders will start receiving monthly rewards once our premier collections hit the open market. Some months Hbar may do better than Matic or Vechain and vice versa there could be months that Vechain does better than the rest. So to ensure a stable reward system, we take profits from each chains monthly sales and split it up between all three Treasury Wallets.

If Hbar does 50k in a month, we would take 5k Hbar and convert it to Matic and Vechain and then distribute those funds to the appropriate treasuries.

If Vechain does 100k a month, we take 10K Vet, convert it to Hbar and Matic and distribute those funds to the appropriate treasuries and so forth. By doing so we can continue to build each Treasury in their native currency and stabilize our reward system to be able to produce on-going rewards.

Holding a VIP Access Card allows you to stack points which increase your overall score and monthly rewards.

VeChain Specific

Vechain VIP Access Card stacking has come to an end, and those that have participated have now locked in their reward points. All Stackable points will now come from our Premier Collections launching on, starting Q1 2023.

VeGems (Swap Complete)75None
Gasparilla Pirates #1 – 56 (Closed Out)501.5x with Pass 37.5
Dia De Muertos AI Club (Closed Out)251.5x with Pass 37.5
Steam Punk Kitties (Closed Out)251.5x with Pass 37.5
Fire Skullz (Closed Out)1515 Points
Gasparilla Pirates #57-200 (Closed Out)10Check Bounty (In Progress)
Gem Rangers (Minting Late January ’23)25Multiple in Collection

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph stacking will start with the introduction of the IMG DAO COIN, exclusively for our Hbarbararians. The DAO Coin will be self-minted on HashAxis to enable us to bypass launchpad fees and to secure as much Hbar as we can for the community DAO. As with all of our projects, 33 1/3% of all sales will go to HBar VIP Treasury, 33 1/3 % will go to the company wallet / DAO/ TREAUSRY and 33 1/3% to Imaginarium Studios.

VIP Access Card (Now Minting)100THE OG | NEEDED FOR REWARDS
IMG WL COIN (Coming Soon)755x Multiplier for Diamond Dao
Di De Muertos AI Club (Now Minting)501.5x with pass 37.5 Points Per
Gem Rangers (Minting Early February ’23)25Various Rewards Throughout

Leader Boards

VIP Access Cards are valid for the chain they are purchased on. Rewards are dropped in the currency the pass was purchased with.