NFT Project Services

More than just a studio

NFT Project Services

Bringing your project from vision, to reality, to mint!

Imaginarium Studio offers a full range of services dedicated to web3, smart contract creation and NFT project services. Imaginarium Studio’s has been an innovator in the NFT space and continues to deliver project after project with utility first of mind.

Whether you are embarking on your first project or are a veteran and looking to expand, we have catered specifically towards you. Whether you are looking for cartoon styled artwork, realistic artwork or artificial intelligence generated enhancement services, Imaginarium Studios is your one stop shop.

Generative NFT Collection

Collection Creation

Hand drawn, randomly generated collections.

Let us create your NFT Collection from 100 to 10,000 NFT’s complete with marketing and onboarding assistance to a variety of blockchains and graphs. There are a couple different types of NFT Collections, all of which we are masters at and can produce in a very short amount of time.

Generated Collections:
Larger collections normally curated of 1,000 NFTs or more are done through a process known as randomly generated art by means of different characters and traits. Most artists and or studios, will first create your base characters and then once your base characters are created, several layers are then created with different traits such as: Face, Hair, Eyeware, Backgrounds etc. These types of collections are perfect for large projects or budget minded individuals.

Launch as a Partner

Need a Partner?

Jump start your project and join the IMG Family.

Imaginarium Studios spans across several different media platforms by means of various channels for our company and projects. With a little over 1500 members in discord, 6k twitter followers across two accounts, and shared IMG Utility, there has been no better way to launch regardless of chain or graph.

We like many projects, started off as not knowing the ins and outs of the industry, struggling to get projects to mint, struggling to figure out the right way to advertise and struggling to gain any momentum. Imaginarium Studios takes those obstacles away by partnering with new projects to assist on their launch by means of strategic partnerships.

If you have your artwork done and looking for a way to come out of the gate swinging, please take a moment and click the button below to submit your project application.