How it works

Imaginarium Rewards

For the past two years we have been working behind the scenes on developing a project that not only benefits its creators but more so the community / investors that drive the success of our projects. One of the most popular ways to earn passive income with your NFTs from any chain, is to stake your nfts at an exchange. Now while this is great for those that may hold hundreds or thousands of NFTs that are able to be staked; for the average collector staking 50-100 nfts is earning you pennies on your core crypto.

We here at Imaginarium Studios thought that there should be a better way to reward those that support our projects and thats how the Imaginarium Revenue Rewards program was started.


Point Distribution

VIP Access CardsGenesisVeGemsBeta Pirates 1-56Treasure Pirates 57 -200
100 Points100 Points75 Points50 PointsVary by Reward Chart
AI Art ClubVIP Pass + AI Art Club
Free Air Drops for a year 25 points x 1.5 Multiplier (37.5 Total Points) Per NFT

Revenue Distributions

Creator Wallet

33 1/3% is allocated for Imaginarium Studios

Across Hedera Hashgraph and VeChain


33 1/3% is allocated for the VIP Treasury

A % from all three chains is allocated

Project Development

33 1/3% for future Project Development

FPS, METAVERSE, New Projects, Server Costs

Calculating Rewards

The following numbers are for informational purposes only. Reward Payouts will vary depending on the amount of Reward Earning NFT’s that you own.

Access Card(s)BetaTreasure HuntAI (Kitty)AI (Muertos)Total
100501.5x Multiplier25 x 1.5x25 x 1.5x275 Points
1005020 % Off25 x 1.5x25 x 1.5x225 Points
10050NoneNoneNone150 Points
1001.5 MultiplierNoneNone150 Points
User Total Points: 800 Total Points


Multipliers can be found throughout our collections and can only be activated by holding an Imaginarium Studios VIP Access Pass. Multiplier points are calculated a few different ways depending upon your overall holdings and which collection the multiplier was found in.

Multiplier examples:

  1. Hold VIP Card, Beta Pirate, and pull a 1.5 Multiplier from the Vegems. That 1.5 Mutliplier would be attached to your highest reward level or in this case the VIP Card. So if you had 100 points to start and then lucked out on a 1.5x multiplier, you would have 150 Points.
  2. Hold VIP Card and AI Art Club. The 1.5 Multipliers would be calculated by taking the score of the NFT and Multiplying by 1.5x. In this instant an AI NFT is worth 25 points, with the multiplier you would receive 37.5 points for that single NFT if you hold a VIP Access Card.

There will be instances where individuals may mint a certain nft and receive a 1.5 multiplier and not hold a VIP access Card or a Beta Pirate. When this occurs the individual who minted a multiplier will have the options to either list it for sale for a premium or hunt for an extra pass or beta pirate.

VIP Distributions

The amount of your rewards depends on the total amount of points spread between all the holders. So as an example, if there is 100k Vet in the VIP Treasury, a user with a score of 800 would receive a higher percentage of the reward pay-out, then someone with a total score 150.

As of December 1, 2022, all distributions have been increased from 5% to 33 1/3% to be split between all VIP Access Card Holders.

Pay-outs per month will vary based upon a few factors:

  1. If we are having a current mint for that particular month.
  2. Monthly sales volume of all Imaginarium Projects.

We created our rewards system with the intentions that the more the community helps promote projects, the more everyone can earn!

Hedera HashGraph

Hedera Hashgraph information will posted soon!