Beta Pirates (Learn More)

We raise our pint to you!

The beta pirates from our collection “Pirates of Gasparilla” were created as a beta project to help us grow, test and complete our discord server. As a thank you to our testers, we have included pirates #1-#56 to participate in our rewards program. Our beta pirates each carry 50 reward points, or 1/2 of that of our VIP Access Cards. Anyone who holds one of our Beta pirates is guaranteed passive income for as long as they hold #1-#56.

For those that have hold a non-beta pirate (#57-200) please click here to find your treasure!

Available for to purchase or sell at WorldofV.Art

Beta Pirate Rewards

Beta Pirate #sReward PointsA.I Club MembershipStackableRevenue Sharing
Pirates #1 – #5650 IncludedYesYes