Welcome to Imaginarium Studios LLC, my name is Bryan and I am the owner and principal founder. Imaginairum Studios was founded out of a passion for web3 and more specifically non-fungible-tokens and smart contracts. We are located in South Florida and have been providing advertising, marketing, digital design and smart contract services to the real estate industry servicing the southern United States.

An avid investor in the crypto space, I began to divulge myself into NFT projects three years ago and have never looked back. While through my journey I have received free tokens, free nfts, free T-shirts, you name it, I’ve been sent it. You know the one thing I’ve never received, any of my tokens back, and that’s when I decided to create Imaginarium Studios and our Revenue Rewards Program.

Imaginarium Studios was built for the very day collector, for the plumbers, carpenters, janitors, nurses, everyday folks that work hard for their money. We believe that a project’s success is not just based on utility but the community that builds around it. Which is why we firmly believe in rewarding our most loyal supporters, our VIP Access Club Members.

A little history about the owner

I graduated from college with a degree in business but always had a passion for IT and was fortunate enough to have that passion lead me to work for companies such as Microsoft, Computer Associates, Cisco Systems and Morgan Stanley.

While working in corporate America back in the mid-90s, I started my first web hosting business providing shared and dedicated hosting to small and medium sized businesses. Being the gaming geek that I am/was, I decided to dive into the gaming industry and started offering services.

After grinding for a year or so, Progmatic Games (America’s Army) and EA Games (Battlefield 2) both authorized us to host their first (at the time) ranked gaming servers for league and clan play and with that my gaming company was born, MyGamingServers. We offered Ranked and non-ranked servers for over 50 different games and managed over 100 servers from data centers spread out from coast to coast and in the UK.

History Continued……

For some of you older gamers out there, you may remember a “small” little forum called The Total Gaming Network. Tim and Greg were pioneers in the industry and were fantastic mentors! (Shout out to Tim and Greg)

When the online gaming industry started to slow down, I sold the business, moved out West and started focusing on my passions. After 15 years, two businesses, a television show, and business expansions in two states I had to make an unexpected move to help family, leaving all that I had built behind. After a few years, and things settling down, I packed my bags and started my journey back West, which led me to Florida for a few weeks to enjoy the sunshine and beaches. Six years later, I’m still here with a wife and three-year-old daughter that I love dearly!

When Covid-19 hit in mid 2020, it shut pretty much everything down and I had to figure out a way to be able to provide for my family. Being a stay-at-home dad, not by choice, I had to figure out how to create an income that was sustainable, and the only way that I knew to do that was to sit back down at a computer, dust my fingers off, and start doing what I love to do!

With a deep knowledge of digital marketing and all the tools that go with it: Photoshop, Illustrator, Elements, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premier and a true passion for crypto and the entire WEB 3 space, I started to dabble in various NFTs, learning about utility, understanding the importance of not the .png but the smart contract itself. I spent over 2.5 years successfully day trading, reading charts, trading NFTs, and picking some of the best minds in the industry and finally decided in May of 2020 to take the plunge and create my business.