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Imaginarium Studios

Welcome to Imaginarium Studios LLC. We are a full service web3 development company offering services around non-fungible tokens. Let our professionals help develop your next NFT project and leave the difficult stuff to us. Whether your are wanting to launch on the Ethereum Blockchain or Hedera Hashgraph, our professional team of designs and developers have you covered!

NFT Project Curation

Leave the artwork to us

From 100 – 10,000 NFT’s

With over 5 years of experience in developing and generating NFT projects for various individuals and businesses across several chains and graphs, Imaginarium Studios can bring your reality to mint.

Our creative professionals will work hand in hand with you to design, promote and successfully mint your nft projects across Ethereum, Solana, Matic, Hedera Hashgraph, XRP, Vechain, Cardona, Avalanche, BNB, Bitcoin Ordinals, or whatever your preference may be.

Simple NFT Collections start at $495.00 and can go as high as $10,000.00 depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Launch with IMG

Assiting NEW NFT Projects

Partner Launches

Not quite sure how to get your project launched, generated or listed on a secondary market? Is your project new and your are seeking to try and build an audience for your project? If so, our Partner Launch package may be a perfect solution.

We partner with both established and new NFT Projects to assist in launching across new platforms. Whether it be a Vechain project trying to launch on Hedera for the first time or a brand-new project looking to launch their first collection on Ethereum, our partner launches can significantly boost your pre-mint activity and take remove all the headaches from successfully launching a project.

One-of-a-Kind Collectibles


Emperors Collection

With over 300 hours of animation, rendering and graphic design, our limited edition Emperors Collection are a limited to ten one off creations. We use a method called “Particle/Physics Simulation” which results in mesmerizing outcomes.

The Emperors collection is sold exclusively on the Ethereum network and can be found at OpenSea.io. We will release the rest of the collection as they are sold.

Project Web Hosting

Get found online

Websites Now Available

Look, web 3 is great, and thats are core busisiness, but at the end of the day, trying to get your web3 dApp visible for millions of people to see can sometimes be a daunting taks which is why we provide web 2 hosting and web 3 application hosting. Web3 Dapps are not crawled by any of the major search engines leaving your project short of about 500 Million viewers.

We host all of our own dedicated servers in house from data centers spread across the Untied States and the UK. Let us help create your web 2 site and lets start getting your project the notice that it deserves.


Creating affordable utility for nft projects

Imaginarium Worlds

For most starting our with an NFT Project, some may struggle with finding utility that is not only beneficial to your members but in our minds even more fun to play and interact with. Our sister company Imaginarium Worlds has over 20 years of experience creating worlds on various platforms and we are confident that we can bring what ever dreams you may have to reality.

Our current metaverse is built on a NFTWorlds.com plot which is built on top of Microsofts Mine Craft Server. Due to the recent changes in policy, we have had to suspend our P2E functionality temporarily until further notice.

Ready to build an NFT Project?

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